Verizon Fios vs Time Warner Cable

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Comparing Time Warner Cable to Verizon Fios…

Both Time Warner Cable and Verizon Fios compete to gain a share of the high-speed Internet market as users have abandoned dial-up for faster alternatives.

Differences between Time Warner Cable and Verizon Fios

Verizon Fios compared to Time Warner Cable servicesThe first difference is the type of cables used to deliver the services. Time Warner uses traditional coaxial cables that transmit signals using electricity through a copper wire. Verizon runs fiber optic cables directly into the home and use light to transmit the information.

Speed is obviously another major consideration to make when selecting a provider. Both offer high speeds that are ideal for streaming video or audio. The traditional standard package offered by Time Warner limits the download speeds to a maximum of 15 Mbps, while Verizon FiOS can offer download speeds that are up to 50 Mbps, which is three times faster than Time Warner.

An issue that is a cause for concern with some consumers is the ability for an ISP to throttle and burst the connection speed. Time Warner increases the download speed above the maximum for a brief time period when a download first begins to allow it to download faster, while Verizon claims that its speed are the same across the board regardless of the size or type of file you’re downloading.

Availability is perhaps the biggest hindrance to Verizon’s FiOS Internet service. Since Verizon needs to deploy wires to each home that the service is offered to, the costs are higher and availability is limited. As of 2011, Time Warner had approximately 10 million customers while Verizon only had 3.8 million subscribers to its FiOS service among the 16 million homes that had the opportunity to subscribe to the service.
The two companies offer similar services with speed being a dominating force for FiOS, but limited availability acts as a hindrance to its expansion to more customers.

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